Window Replacement – Save Money and Look Great

Although there are few things that everyone will agree on, I think we can safely say, we all want lower energy bills.

window replacementReplacing your windows can provide you with those utility bill savings as well as give the look of your home a valuable update. And, it’s surprisingly easy to do both at once by calling a window replacement company.

Whatever the style of your house, new windows can make it dramatically more energy efficient. As well as lowering the cost of heating and cooling, replacement windows will increase the value of your home.

Replacing windows is one of the (relatively) small changes that can give your home a lot more curb appeal and is one of the easiest ways to get a higher price for your home when you want to sell. When they’re house hunting potential buyers like to see the windows upgraded, especially since the new materials used in replacement windows these days require so much less effort to maintain.

When it comes to windows, Omaha homeowners have lots of options, so start by talking to experienced professionals for window replacement. Learn about the brands of replacement windows, the new types and models on the market before making your choice. Each brand of window offers various specifications and price and quality will vary widely depending on manufacturer.

A few of the things to look for when considering replacement windows:

  1. a lifetime warranty – this is standard with the better manufacturers and installation companies,
  2. double or triple glazing to reduce outside noise and keep in heating or cooling,
  3. energy efficiency rating – the “U-factor” is the measurement of the rate of heat transfer, so the lower the U-rating, the better the insulation and the slower the loss of heating or cooling,
  4. whether the glass has an E-coating which reflects infrared light and UV rays, thereby reducing temperatures in summer and the fading of furniture, curtains, etc.,
  5. if the windows are self cleaning – adhesion-resistant glass sheds water and prevents dirt and dust sticking. Tilting windows are another option allowing you to clean both sides of the glass from inside the room.

Whatever options you choose, having new windows installed will start saving you money almost immediately and you’ll keep saving year after year, as well as enjoying the improved appearance of your house, a more comfortable home and the knowledge that you are doing something significant for the environment!

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