Using White Noise or Nature Sounds to Help You Sleep Better

With technological overstimulation and regular distractions throughout the day, good sleep at night is more important than ever. Trying to get your brain and body relax for a good night of rest can be tough, but white noise or nature sounds can help. Whether you want to go with plain white noise, the sound of the ocean, or even a babbling brook, here’s a look at some of the ways this can help you get more “zzzzzz” at night.

Build a Bedtime Routine

Having a routine before bedtime is great for promoting sleep. Turning on white noise or nature sounds before you fall asleep can become part of a good routine, helping your body prepare for sleep.

Quiets Your Sleep Environment

White noise in the bedroom helps to quiet your sleep environment. It buffers any sounds that may be disturbing when you’re falling asleep, making it easier for you to ignore the rest of the world and fall into a deep, restful sleep.

Helps Quiet the Brain

Do you have a tough time going to sleep because your worries, work, or to-do list are keeping you awake? White noise can help to quiet your brain at night. Many people even use white noise or nature sounds when meditating because it’s so good at quieting the brain.

Ensures You Stay Asleep

Keeping white noise or nature sounds on throughout the night can mask any sounds that may interrupt sleep. This ensures that you stay asleep throughout the night. If you are awakened, you’ll fall back asleep faster.

Easily Take it Anywhere

Even if you’re away from home, it’s easy for you to take white noise or nature sounds anywhere. You can purchase a sound machine or you can even find apps for your smartphone or tablet that you can use while you’re away from home. This way, no matter where you sleep at night, you have something to help you get the great night of rest you need

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