Unique Chalkboard Labels & Stickers

Chalkboard Labels and Stickers

These unique chalkboard labels and stickers are great for organizing the contents of the kitchen, the playroom, the office, the craft room, etc. They’re fun to use for identifying cups and glasses at a party or labeling favors or serving jars at a wedding. And if you make a mistake positioning them, they are really easy to peel off and re-stick.chalkboard labels

Your imagination is the only limitation to the uses you’ll put these charming labels to – jam jars, bottles, boxes, containers of all kinds, Tupperware, doors, drawers, shelves, compartments, cupboard doors, craft storage, pump lotion or soap dispensers, toy boxes, trays and cupboards, gift tags, tags for keys, tags for jam jar cocktails or wine glasses, plant pots, window boxes, in essence virtually any surface that is relatively flat and smooth.

These labels come in two sizes of high quality vinyl – large: 3.5″ x 2.25″and small: 2.75″ x 1.75″, with 12 of each size in the package. They are easy to write on with ordinary chalk, chalk pens, liquid chalk or super chalk; they’re easy to clean off and re-write your message. One suggestion though, for curved jars, write your message on the label before peeling off the backing – it’s easier that way!

These stickers have a unique decorative frame around them so they’ll look great on the jars or canisters lining your kitchen counters or pantry shelves. You could even write on them with a permanent chalk marker if you know that container will always have the same stuff in it.

They come with a lifetime guarantee, so you’ll love them or get your money back without any hassle.

Unique chalkboard labels are really useful in the kids’ rooms for both decorating and labeling containers and even electronic storage spaces. You might even get the kids to clean up more often since they know where everything goes after having labelled and decorated their rooms themselves.

For the perfect solution to clutter, use these unique chalkboard labels and stickers in your own imaginative ways to organize your stuff with style and charm.

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