Summer Swimming Safety for Small Children

Fiberglass pools Perth parents would love to have are those that have safety additions for their children and young guests. As responsible parents or guardians, you should make an effort in making sure that your pool area is safe for the little ones at all times. In ground pools Perth homeowners should be kid-friendly and safe, so worries fly out the window.

Even with these special safety pool additions, keeping an eye on the children is a must, whether it is a public or private swimming area. It is vital that adults do not read magazines, check social media, talk on the phone, chatting, or sleeping while the kids are in the pool. Here are some safety swimming pointers for small children:

a. Install fencing. There should be fencing around the pool. It should be at least four feet in height. Fencing prevents kids from getting into the pool without adult supervision and, therefore, prevents drowning. Make sure that it has a self-latching or self-closing mechanism.
b. Clear the pool. Cleaning and clearing the pool should be done immediately after pool playtime is finished. Never leave toys floating on the water because this tempts the young ones into reaching out for them from the side of the pool. They could fall into the deep end unexpectedly as they do so.
c. Install pool covers. Pool covers keep kids off the pool, when it is not being used. If it is only a kiddie pool, it should be drained immediately after each use.
d. Establish rules. Kids should be taught how to follow rules in and around the pool area.

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