Are Stone Baths Heavy And Do They Need Special Requirements?

Do you want to make a luxury and style statement in your present bathroom? Then what you need is a natural stone bath. Stone baths come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. It is an old type of bath, which has been used since 2,500 B.C. Many people want to feel what early people have felt when they bathed in a stone bath. That is why natural stone baths are in style again. They are gaining popularity these days. It is, for most people, a representation of sophistication and individuality, after all.
Natural stone is the excellent choice of material when it comes to baths. A stone bath retains heat longer. It can also last for generations because of its durability. Its thick walls help insulate it. Stone baths are also easy to repair. Since they are often made from a single mould, you can just smooth away and polish any scuffs or scratches.
Yes, stone baths are heavy. The main reason behind this is that they are made of stone and resin. Here are some of the requirements in installing heavy stone baths:

• See if your bathroom floor can support it. You should check with your contractor about the weight capacity of your bathroom floor. It should be strong and stable enough to handle the weight of the tub when it is empty, when it is full of water, and when it is full of water with you in it. A typical floor should support at least 1,400 pounds. The floor surface should also be level, to avoid any low or high spots in your stone bath.
• Inspect the tub upon delivery. Be meticulous when your stone bath arrives. Look for any blemishes or significant damaged areas, which could interfere with the tub’s operation. Talk to the seller for shipping details.
• Use silicone in sealing the area between the bath and the floor. You can do this with a caulking gun. This can pump silicone under the tub. Be sure to let it seep under the bath create the needed pressure seal. Leve the silicone so that it can cure before you start using your stone bath.
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