How the Right Pillow can Affect your Sleep

When experiencing problems sleeping, most people tend to look instantly at their mattress. While it is true that the wrong mattress can cause aches, pains, and disrupted sleep, your mattress isn’t necessarily to blame, at least not wholly. Although the mattress certainly plays a part in your comfort, there is a secondary cause to many sleep problems that often gets overlooked; your pillow. Using the right pillow can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep.


Pillows can be a direct cause of discomfort to not only your neck, but head and uppers spine as well. This discomfort can very easily cause your sleep to be disrupted. This sleep disruption, in turn, causes a variety of problems, the least of which is drowsiness or irritability during the day. If you don’t have the right pillow to support you, the quality of your sleep will often suffer.

The most profound effect can most generally be seen when the pillow being used is to stiff or too large. Larger pillows tilt the head forward and can restrict the airways, making breathing difficult. In addition, having your head tilted forward while sleeping strains the upper spine and neck. A pillow that isn’t big enough or firm enough may cause many of these same problems simply because it allows your head to tilt backwards and strains your neck and spine the opposite way. This strain, no matter which way, can severely disrupt your sleep patterns. It can also be the source of stiffness or pain in your upper spine and neck during the day.

A pillow that is not a correct fit for your body can also place undue strain on the muscles of your back and neck as well. When too much stress is placed on these muscles, it may cause that achy feeling in the morning as well as affect your posture, or even your mood, during the day.

Finding the right pillow is actually more important than most people know, and it isn’t always easy. It shouldn’t be too hard, nor too soft and neither should it be too big or small, but just right. A custom made pillow tailored to fit your measurements and weight would be the ideal answer.

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