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Need an Article is a content creation website that delivers well researched articles for as little as .0129 cents per word. The website is designed to help the online marketer build the content they need for product pages, blogs and other items. They can even help to build a WordPress website for you at a reasonable price. need an article logo

The sample of the writers was fairly decent. People like Macbeth, Nance, joelmandre, Julian Duffy and grizzlybabymian all delivered well-researched work on time. Their content exceeded my expectations at only .02/word and I felt like I received a valuable service. After all, I don’t have the time to invest in countless hours of writing my own content.

I didn’t like something about the website. I really wasn’t fond of waiting four days, or paying to rush the content. However, I planned accordingly and sent them several weeks of content to have written in the four-day window and I’ll just request my next batch ahead of time.

I did find when I asked them if they could prioritize a couple articles, they were very accommodating to my needs.

When you consider the amount of time it would take to write your own content and the cost of those hours, Need an Article delivers an exceptional value. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs content for their website.

They are a service that continues to work for my need, all at a price I feel is reasonable.

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