Kids’ Toys Need a Good Home

There is an excellent and good-looking solution to the age-old problem of toys everywhere – the Kidde Time Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock.

The storage hammock is a triangular net, well made, durable and the solution to the dilemma of what will hold all the stuffed animals, stuffed toys or dolls that your kids accumulate. You’ll no longer have to deal with critters everywhere! – on the bed, under the bed and all over the floor.

Make clearing up with your kids fun, save space and enable your children to see that their friends are nearby in their very own hammock. It’s a storage system designed to end the chaos.


The Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock features include:
• a no quibble, lifetime guarantee.
• sturdy material which allows lots of toys to be put into it. The net stretches slightly and is strong enough so even with an overflow of toys, they won’t fall out.
• the heavy duty grommets provide secure attachment and installation is easy/peasy. Hardware and instructions are included.
• the net is big enough, but not overly big (H36″ x D36″ x L52″). It will fit nicely into a corner and will hold your kids’ stuffed toys or boxing gloves for grown-ups, gourds for crafting or whatever else needs a home and it’s not just for kids!
• it can fit into any decor since the net storage hammock is neutral with a white trim around the edge.

Clearing Up Can Be Fun

Picking up the toys normally isn’t a lot of fun but with the stuffed animal storage hammock, your kids can help organize things by putting all their stuffed animals to bed for the night. It saves your sanity, space in the room and turns clearing up into a game.

No longer are toys forgotten or left in the dark – sad and lonely. They can be displayed nicely and since they can be seen through the netting, kids will love being able to see their friends.

A Hammock With Good Looks

You’ll find you will get really nice comments about how pretty, bright and colorful the hammock looks in the baby’s or toddler’s room. Add it to your child’s room to help stop the clutter and bring a fun element into the room.

Finally, the solution to stuffed animal/toy mania. It’s safe for kids, affordable and nice to look at.

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