Easy Bathroom Makeovers using New Vanities and Mirrors

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for easy bathroom makeovers in order to have a great updated change in appearance. The bathroom vanities in Adelaide offer many different options to create a refreshing new modern, traditional or classic look.

Wall Hung Vanity Units

A favorite among homeowners are the wall hung bathroom vanity units that add dimension and extra storage space while keeping with a specific style. For instance, a curved vanity unit allows a picture of vintage styling with grace to become a focal point in a small area. Start with the form, add period doors and hardware, and watch how bathroom vanities of Adelaide can change into a work of art. Counter tops and sinks add the finishing touches to a prestigious traditional look.

Shaving Cabinets

There has been an evolution in shaving cabinets over the past decade. When it comes right down to it, all you need is behind-the-mirror storage and good lighting for prepping. One new design that is catching on is the wide-screen mirror that opens from the bottom and outward. As the interior cavity is exposed, an automatic light reflects the contents. This feature gives you a look of all the contents at one glance. There are also cabinets that are outlined in bold wood trim that can be matched to the trim of a vanity below. This simple feature can turn your vanity area into a beautiful focal point.

Take the time to look at all the possibilities of a bathroom remodel. There may be simpler, more cost-effective and far more appealing way to bring freshness to your bathroom than you ever imagined.

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