Daycare Often Make Babies Sick – Use Organic Latex Baby Play Mats

Many babies end up sick when they begin going to daycare, since daycare centers are a perfect environment for the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Just a few of the common illnesses often passed around at daycare facilities include pink eye, hand, foot, and mouth disease, stomach bugs, colds, and more. Babies and toddlers are often coughing, sneezing, and wiping their noses while playing, sharing food, and sharing toys, and germs are easily spread.

At times, the war against germs can feel really futile for both parents and daycare workers. Parents can make sure that babies and toddlers get plenty of sleep and great nutrition to keep them healthy. Washing the child’s hands as soon as they come home from daycare can help too. However, even these measures can’t completely eliminate the problem with germs at daycare.

In some cases, it’s the baby play mats in daycare centers that aid in the spread of germs. Play mats are used by multiple children each day, and they can harbor bacteria, microbes, and dust mites. However, baby play mats made of organic latex can offer a solution. Since latex material is a natural deterrent to microbes, bacteria, and dust mites, going with organic latex baby play mats, Hong Kong to Seattle can help reduce the occurrence of sickness within a daycare setting.

Not only do organic latex baby play mats help reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria in a daycare setting, they’re safer than other types of mats because latex has no chemical residue that can result in gasses a child can breathe in. Latex also offers superior comfort, keeping babies and toddlers comfortable as they play throughout the day at daycare. When daycares invest in baby play mats made of organic latex, it’s an excellent investment, since these organic latex play mats are durable and long-lasting.

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