Bosch TAS4702UC Tassimo T47 Review

Bosch TAS4702UC Tassimo T47 Beverage System and Coffee Brewer

tass3Are you in the mood for a wonderful coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso or cappucino? The Bosch TAS4702UC Tassimo T47 Hot Beverage System has it covered – it takes only this 1 machine to do it all!

If you are really into coffee or just want a reliable, high quality hot drink, whenever you want it, the Tassimo T47 will do the job simply and without making a big mess.

Bosch has designed a stylish, small footprint, single cup home brewing system that enables you to make 5 different size cups (4-16 oz.) of your favorite hot or iced coffee, latte, espresso, tea or chocolate beverage.

Eat your heart out Starbucks!

The features of the Tassimo T47 include:

• you can customize the brew strength and size (5 cup size options) to suit your taste
• Tassimo T-discs provide single cup brews for coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, crema, hot cocoa and tea

• one-button operation starts the brew instantly and your hot or cold beverages is ready in 60 seconds with virtually no heat-up time required for additional drinks
• barcode technology identifies the precise brewing instructions by scanning the T-disc and regulating amount of water, temperature and brew time
• the Tassimo T47 froths milk for perfect crema for your cappucino, etc.
• cleaning and de-scaling programs are automatic and use a special T-disc which is included
• the noise reduction system gives you drinks preparation in lovely quiet
• there is an on/off switch with LCD display and status indicator
• the machine switches off automatically after brewing
• the removable water tank (47 oz) is easy to fill
• the drip tray is removable and the height is adjustable, plus there is a removable cup stand
• the standby mode consumes zero energy
• the plastic housing has chrome accents and is easy to wipe clean
• dimensions are 12.4″ h x 10.4″ w x 14.5″ d, with an empty weight of 6.8 lb.
• there is a one-year warranty

Simplicity is the Absence of Complication
All you need to do is to choose your drink, insert that T-disc, select the cup size and press the button. Presto, chango, your drink is ready in 60 seconds and your partner doesn’t have to wait for theirs since it brews another drink right away.

Since the machine reads the barcode on the T-disc, it “knows” right away how much water to use, how long to brew the drink and at what temperature; a typical drink will be about 175°F.

And, the Taste?
In one-on-one taste tests in both the US and Europe, between an espresso machine and the Tassimo T47, people found it hard to tell which machine made the better drink. So with this one machine the whole family can make the drinks they love.

Ease of Operation
Making the drinks is really simple like we said above, and there’s almost no clean up. Maybe just a few drips from the T-disc as they come out of the machine – that’s all. And, even though the manual says all parts of the T47 are dishwasher safe, why bother when a simple wipe every now and then is all it takes. Low maintenance is an understatement!

The Style of the Machine
The Tassimo T47 has style with its black and silver/grey housing. As pretty as it is, it will earn its right to stay out on the counter and doesn’t have a huge footprint. The designers kept it simple so everyone can use it since there are very few control buttons.

Will the Cost Break the Bank?


There are often specials and even without a special deal, Amazon sells the T47 for around $135.

How far would that go at Starbucks?

You’ll get 39 Grande Caramel Machiatto for $135 – that’s not even one per week over a year. On the other hand, you will get 67 Tall Brewed Coffees for the same price but you have to go there to get it, whereas with the Tassimo T47, you can have one whenever you want.

The drinks (T-discs) will cost from about 40¢ for tea, 50¢ for espresso and around $1 for a cappucino. Again, compare that to Starbucks – the ordinary coffee costs $2.02 and the Grande Caramel Machiatto costs $3.40 every time. The simplicity of the making and the quality of the drinking makes this worth it to me!

There are other ways of reducing the cost like using reusable My-Cap discs now available for the Tassimo T-Disc Brewers.

So, Dear Santa, if I’m extra good between now and Christmas, can I have a Bosch TAS4702UC Tassimo T47 Hot Beverage System this year? Please, please, please!!


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