10 Remodeling Tips for Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom can significantly boost the selling price of your home, and transform the feeling of an entire floor. While you can go over the top with the bathroom remodel, it doesn’t typically pay off. That’s why it is a good idea to keep things simple and to use a little common sense when you do this.

Keep the existing plumbing locations. Yes, it is possible to swap the toilet, sink, and even the shower’s placement. But it isn’t usually cost effective. Instead, take advantage of what you already have in place.
A simple update to the frame around the mirror can add new life to the bathroom, without costing you a fortune.
If your toilet is more than five years old, replace it. This can cut down on the amount of water used, and help to reduce your water bill. That can help to offset some of the upgrade costs.
Shop second hand stores for cabinets and even sinks. You might find something fresh for the room, at a fraction of the price.
Don’t limit yourself to tile in the room. You can create backsplashes with wood, and other materials that will add to the ambience of the space.
Most people complain about a lack of lighting in the bathroom. Make sure you add additional lights in this space to make the room even more enticing for buyers.
Don’t underestimate what a coat of paint can do. A splash of fresh color can transform a tired space, into something enjoyable.
Mix and match tiles are a great way to save money. Just find an alternating pattern to use them in, and you can save a significant amount of money.
Don’t cram too much in the space. The more you pack in the room, the smaller it will feel. Check out more bathroom remodeling at http://bathroomwarehouse.com.au .


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